06 abril, 2010

Continuumix #6: Eu sou uma pregunta

Mixed by Continuo
"Antropofagia para iniciantes"
Total time 66:15
Published March 10, 2010.
Sound Art

Augusto de Campos
Caetono Veloso
High Wolf
Yoko Ono
Karaja Indians
Walter Smetak
Gilberto Gil
Grupo Rumo
Os Haxixins (The Hashisheens)
The Uirapuru
Rafael Flores
Dennis De Bel
Brook Hinton
They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them
Eliane Radigue

Note: Eu Sum Una Pergunta is the title of a Clarice Lispector biography.
Thanks to carioca Sergio for his help and suggestions.

Download here.

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Hi, Rafael. Thanks for mentioning this mix here. Just between you and me, I'd be curious to know: what are the sounds we hear in 'Man Imitating Cloud'? I could never make my mind about it, though I love the piece. All the best.

Rafael Flores dijo...

the sound used in this piece is only my own voice processed at extremely low speed.
the total duration are 8 hours long (audio & video) recorded in one nigth with a webcam.
a fragment of 45 min of sound, was release as cdr in 2002.
now is deleted but i´m looking for a new edition in near future, perhaps all the 8 hours !!!

Julius C. dijo...

Realmente sorprendente, todo un trip.