03 septiembre, 2010

"Coagula" on Not the normal shit radio

Well, yet again we’ve succeeded in picking another 9 fantastic albums for a superb saturdaymorning.
For the widely varied tastes we’ll move from soft ambience to loud IDM, but always staying within the experimentalic realm.
Todays show even includes two yet to be released albums from the Just not Normal league.
Are you ready?

or in words:

Logreybeam – It’s all just another aspect of mannerism (remastered and remixed) (Camomille)
Martin del Litto – Dejando la Colmena (AMP records)
Litmus0001 – Hikikomori (Just not Normal)
Segue – Je ne regrette rien (High linear music)
Classwar Karaoke – At philosoph (Classwar Karaoke)
IMC02 – Of places and moments (Intelligent Machinery Compilations)
Jari Pitkanen – Numiana (Enough records)
Comando Bruno – Coagula (Defenestrated)
Zeigenbock Kopf – Fuck you to dus (Free music archive)

If that in itself is not reason enough for you to tune into Stillstream radio 9 AM local time (GMT+1)

Not the normal shit radio

01 septiembre, 2010

"Coagula" available for download

Defenestrated Records New:
Re-release of one of our old cd's from Comando Bruno (Coagula)
now available for free download on