15 julio, 2009

MACROMASSA: Espejo Rapidísimo Qinqen

2ª edición LA ISLA DE LA TORTUGA 1989

Anton Ignorant (guitarra eléctrica, voz) había participado ya como invitado en tres conciertos de la gira Macromissa, concretamente en Barcelona, Reus y Strasbourg. Finalmente, se estrechó la colaboración y el grupo pasó a llamarse Macromassa + Ignorant. Con ese nombre se produjo una nueva gira, en cuyos conciertos se presentaban el material del dúo y el de Ignorant alternadamente, a modo de doble concierto, aunque cada vez con más frecuencia unos y otros tocaban en los temas de ambos. El último concierto con ese formato fue en Andújar, donde los Macromassa hicieron entrega de las pirámides plegables a Rafael Flores, quien sigue custodiándolas todavía. Cuando el nombre del grupo volvió a ser el original, Ignorant ya era miembro fijo de Macromassa. Durante el verano de 1988 el trío se encerró en los estudios Sonomanía para grabar Espejo Rapidísimo Qinqen. Este es probablemente el disco más rock de su discografía. Temas más cortos, letras, canciones... es en realidad el primer disco del grupo con una producción intencionada, el primero grabado en un verdadero estudio. En ese período Macromassa declara iniciada la etapa “psico-heavy”. De nuevo el grupo se versionea a sí mismo (dos temas de Papá Nódulus son revisados completamente aquí: “Firolub” y “Macromissa”). El trabajo de composición se reparte entre los tres músicos. La aparición del disco coincide con una exposición de Macromassa que ocupa las tres plantas del centro Transformadors: “Alas Plegables 3”, una multi-instalación en la que el grupo reside durante todo el mes de febrero de 1989. Durante esos días, se graba el Video Rapidísimo Qinqen, versión visual del disco, con clips de todos los temas. De Espejo Rapidísimo Qinqen cabe destacar, además, que el primer tema de la cara B “En las lejanas montañas no se duerme aquí” fue grabado en el estudio Aprilia (más tarde El Laboratorio) por Peter Eichemberg. A continuación, una gira barcelonesa (Periplo Ciudadano) popularizó el disco lo suficiente como para recibir la oferta de reeditarlo por parte del sello barcelonés La Isla de la Tortuga, cosa que el grupo aceptó.

Descarga la portada y la ficha técnica:

12 julio, 2009

Alien Music

The Global Source For SpaceRock Exploration
Hal McGee Homemade Alien Music podcasts

The Homemade Alien Music podcasts are hosted and narrated by veteran electronic artist Hal McGee, and all feature selections from his personal collection of classic cassette releases of homemade experimental, electronic and rock music of the 1980s and 1990s and some from the 2000s and 1970s. Hal published 17 Homemade Alien Music programs at podomatic.com in 2006. All 17 are reissued here, with links below to each of the programs.
Be sure and visit Hal's web site at Alien Music Podcasts. He has many (and I mean LOTS) of hours of audio and video on his site, representing his work from the early 1980s to the present. I consider his web site to be a stellar example of how artists can use the internet, and its most basic tools, to document their history and share it with the world.

Homemade Alien Music 2 (59:44)
Don Campau "Piñata Party"
Dave Fuglewicz "Every Electric Part Of You Too", 1991
Thehorsehessick "Pulp", 1984
Disism "Disism", 1986
Merzbow "Chant", 1984
Tara Cross "Concocting Chaos", 1983
Lt. Murnau "Lt. Murnau's Greatest Risks", 1980
If, Bwana "Beware The Sleeping Squid", 1985
Lord Litter "Tape Heads Two compilation", 1998
Monochrome Bleu "Mirage compilation", 1986
Zanstones "The Subtle Art Of Puddle Pushing", 1984
Algebra Suicide "ltd. ed. Live At Links tape", 1988
Le Syndicat "L'Arme De Force", 1986
Twa Digs Under Paris "I Shin Ohn", 1984
Comando Bruno "Comandant Bruno And DX Club", mid-80s

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09 julio, 2009

Fuck the Bastards Radio Show

Defenestrated Records was featured on Radio Bronka's FUCK THE BASTARDS show.
The show lasts a little over an hour and features artists such as:

Mariko Sugawara
Comando Bruno
Gas Satori
Sascha Muller

06 julio, 2009

Toxic Archives # 12: International Sound Communication

International Sound Communication (frequently abbreviated as I.S.C.) was a series of compilation cassettes, compiled and distributed as a mail art project by Andi Xport from Peterborough, England, in the mid 1980s. Fifteen volumes were issued, and it was one of the largest and most versatile series of its kind.

The series was intended to provide an outlet for any kind of music from any country in the world. Most artists who appeared were not signed to a record label, but had released their music privately on cassettes sold via mail, and these were often the source of the material that appeared on the compilations. All volumes came with a list of contact addresses, with the exception of artists from "Iron Curtain" or Soviet Union countries whose addresses were not published, to protect them from government persecution, as the "importation" of Western culture and influences, and communication with artists outside the Soviet Union, without government approval were generally illegal. In those cases, a contact address for an associate outside of the Soviet Union was provided. As stated on the inserts, "All bands and individuals featured on I.S.C. comps have more music available, so get in touch now!" A slogan, "Communicate to Create" often appeared.

In addition to compiling the series, Andi Xport recorded under the name Man's Hate, which was also the name of his cassette label which distributed I.S.C. (plus 5 cassette albums by Man's Hate). Xport was also a member of APF Brigade, and The Peace & Freedom Band. Xport claims that more than 3,000 tapes were sent to him, and many had to be stored under his bed due to space limitations.

Released on the same date as volume 13, an extra volume appeared as The Noise Collective which, although presented as an artist name, was actually another compilation project. All tracks were collaborations between two or more artists, most of whom had appeared previously on I.S.C. The collaborations were accomplished by having the artists send each other unfinished recordings through the mail. The tracks were edited to overlap and segue, forming a continuous suite on each side of the tape.

Volumes 1 to 8 were C-60 (60 minute) tapes, with a cover price of ₤1.00. The remaining volumes, including The Noise Collective, were C-90 with a cover price of ₤1.50. Volumes 1 to 9 used a fold-out insert (shown at the right), while volume 10 had a cardboard insert separate from the track list and contacts sheet. Starting with volume 11 (and including The Noise Collective), the outer cover was a cardboard sleeve wrapped around the plastic jewel case.

International Sound Communication
Compilation Volume 8
1 January 1986
60 minutes

Side one
1 Comando Bruno Spain "De Tu Miedo (Of Your Fear)"
2 James Morrison USA "Vinyl Junkie"
3 Klaus Groh West Germany "Try is Life"
4 Chumbawamba England "Rap"
5 Danbert Nobacon England "Shovelling Shit"
6 Danbert Nobacon England "Westbury Toilets"
7 Danbert Nobacon England "Police State Blues"
8 De Fabriek Holland "(untitled)"
9 Society's Rejects Wales "It's Your Life"
10 Miroslaw Rajkowski Poland "Physical No. 2" (excerpt)

Side two
1 Luca Miti Italy "The Preceding Chat"
2 Bill Pritchard England "Black Souls Under White Skies"
3 Paul Kelday England "Plight of the Butterfly of Peace in the Web of Hatred"
4 Dissollutio Humani Generis Italy "Il Grande Freddo"
5 The Mock Turtles England "One Fine Day"
6 Low Class Belgium "The Alienation Ballade"
7 The Horsemen Scotland "Hard to Grasp"
8 Filthy Christians Sweden "Mas-core"
9 Cauchy 138 Belgium "Obligation"
10 Barry and Eve Pilcher + Friends Wales "Spikey Hair" (excerpt)

International Sound Communication Compilation Volume 12
26 July 1986
90 minutes
Comment on cover: "What are YOU doing to protect yourself from: (Misinformation... Half-truths... Mind Rot...) MEDIA BURN, the Nation's leading mental crippler - Nothing? Then Turn On, Tune In, And Drop Out With I.S.C."

Side one
1 Before Me Sweden "Former individual"
2 Before me Sweden "Hello I'm Back"
3 Before Me Sweden "Try Meg"
4 Compos Mentis New Zealand "No Practice No Play"
5 Schaum der Tage West Germany "Musique de l'Indifférence"
6 Cottage Industry Canada "Point on a Hill"
7 Mass of Humanity Canada "Nothing Past the Swan's (theme)"
8 The Reverend Mark C. & the Z Funk USA "Beans Over Brazzaville"
9 Anathema England "The Anti Aparthied Rap"
10 Basquadeck Shelf England "The Undying Factory of Resistance"
11 Heavy Discipline England "Heads of State"
12 Statis England "Gerna - dorfia"
13 Jajje Sekoilia Finland "Five Penny Noise Opera"
14 The Hatefuls France "Unknown"
15 Bogart & Comando Bruno Germany-Spain "Compulsion to Terror"
16 Seiei Jack Japan "Love Me Do"
17 Mystery-X USA "(untitled)" (excerpt)

Side two
1 Mystery-X USA "(untitled)" (second excerpt)
2 The Psychological Warfare Branch USA "Capitalist Punishment"
3 No Unauthorised France "Guerilla" (live)
4 Inpull Caco Japan "Kirel Ni Naritai"
5 Synthetic Products USA "Nuclear Age"
6 Autumn Belgium "Dell Cries to Me"
7 Unovidual & Tara Cross Belgium "Like I Am / Comme - Je Suis"
8 Dietrich Cortier Belgium "La Chitara Schela"
9 Lust & Passion Belgium "The Day Before"
10 The Day Rosemary Said She Was Pregnant Belgium "Imaginary Girl"
11 Cauchy 138 & Riot System Belgium "Don't Talk to Me"
12 The Next World England "Too Many Hells"
13 Jajje Sekoilia Finland "Ice Hockey Jesus"

International Sound Communication Compilation Volume 14
not dated, issued 1987
90 minutes
Comment on cover: "Load up with I.S.C., get a copy now!"

Side one
1 En Manque d'Autre Italy "Je t'Adore"
2 Spheric Corner West Germany "No More Machines"
3 Le Pendu England "Strength Through Rage, Neptune"
4 Ethnic Acid England "Cut One"
5 JFK England "Volunteer"
6 Jazz Bacon Slicer England "Godstar"
7 Aneurisma Italy "Dierum Festorum Traditionum"
8 La Sonorite Jaune France "Patrick McGoohan"
9 Context West Germany "Product 9"
10 Rhetoric England "Take My Life" (live)
11 Eli Talgam Israel "Sonate for Small Organ & Receiver"

Side two
1 The Spinoza Sisters England "Public Mass & Cantata"
2 The Severn Bores England "Guitars 2"
3 Eneik-shis-doh Japan "Force"
4 Aritasamansa Japan "Soul Train"
5 SD Japan "Cavellini"
6 Rabid Defiance Canada "Acting"
7 Noche en Bombay Spain "Good-time Halma"
8 Extraños Dias Felices Spain "Afonia II"
9 Psy Falange Spain "Live 31.3.83"
10 Die Socken Austria "Africa"
11 Rattus Rexx West Germany "Feed for the Hungry"
12 Dreaming of Beauty Canada "Pieces of Me"
13 Wilde Spiele West Germany "Ich Geh Wiedor Weg"
14 The Wickermen England "Gub Introduction Time" (live)

Note: Rafael Flores appears in vol.8 as Comando Bruno, in vol.12 as Bogart & Comando Bruno and in vol.14 as Noche en Bombay, Extraños Días Felices and Psy Falange.

02 julio, 2009

Toxic Archives # 11: Bloc Operatoire Vol.1

Bloc Operatoire Vol.1
Tape Compilation
Medicinal Tapes, 1986


Absolute Body Control
Master Of The Ungentlemantly Art
Nails Ov Christ
Swinebolt 45
ID 50
Kapotte Muziek
Pacific 231 & B. Wolff
Le Syndicat
Urbain Autopsy
Zidbolt Swinesect
Face In The Crowd
Stenka Bazin
Architects Office
Comando Bruno/Bog-Art
La Nomenklatur
Barry E. Pilcher/Urbain Autopsy
Paul Kelday

Toxic Archives # 10: Third Generation Serious Music

Third Generation Serious Music
Tape Compilation
MML #23, 1986


Thomas Bosselman
Pacific 231
Prima Linea
Hiof Arwa
Action Room
A. Shiled & Christine
Paul Kelday
Vox Populi
Comando Bruno
Louis Pasteur
Vox Nihil
Kapotte Muziek
Mario Marzidovsek