12 julio, 2009

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Hal McGee Homemade Alien Music podcasts

The Homemade Alien Music podcasts are hosted and narrated by veteran electronic artist Hal McGee, and all feature selections from his personal collection of classic cassette releases of homemade experimental, electronic and rock music of the 1980s and 1990s and some from the 2000s and 1970s. Hal published 17 Homemade Alien Music programs at podomatic.com in 2006. All 17 are reissued here, with links below to each of the programs.
Be sure and visit Hal's web site at Alien Music Podcasts. He has many (and I mean LOTS) of hours of audio and video on his site, representing his work from the early 1980s to the present. I consider his web site to be a stellar example of how artists can use the internet, and its most basic tools, to document their history and share it with the world.

Homemade Alien Music 2 (59:44)
Don Campau "Piñata Party"
Dave Fuglewicz "Every Electric Part Of You Too", 1991
Thehorsehessick "Pulp", 1984
Disism "Disism", 1986
Merzbow "Chant", 1984
Tara Cross "Concocting Chaos", 1983
Lt. Murnau "Lt. Murnau's Greatest Risks", 1980
If, Bwana "Beware The Sleeping Squid", 1985
Lord Litter "Tape Heads Two compilation", 1998
Monochrome Bleu "Mirage compilation", 1986
Zanstones "The Subtle Art Of Puddle Pushing", 1984
Algebra Suicide "ltd. ed. Live At Links tape", 1988
Le Syndicat "L'Arme De Force", 1986
Twa Digs Under Paris "I Shin Ohn", 1984
Comando Bruno "Comandant Bruno And DX Club", mid-80s

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