11 julio, 2007

Compilación TecnoNucleo

TecnoNucleo, a new netlabel based in Mataró (Barcelona), launches its first release: INDET1.0. An experimental music work that can be downloaded for free. 17 musicians from 10 different countries have created the 17 tracks presents on this album, reuniting such different names like the Mexicans Vegetal is and Heibeg, Russian Alex Djet, Germans Variable Geometry, Xyramat and [-hyph-], or Spaniards Scmute, Nanako and Rafael Flores. Microsounds, computer music, generative music, minimalism, glitch and stochastic composition are the elements that define and unite the tracks that form INDET1.0. The cover, designed by Ana Garcia, is based in a photograph by Tal, resident in Tel-Aviv. Scmute and Nanako, who have composed two of the songs, also manage Tecnonucleo netlabel and the website www.tecnonucleo.org

[TN001] INDET1.0 - V.A.
FLAC 16bit 44100Hz

01. G. Mangione - Sintesi Generativa (05:00)
02. Pangea - Estados Alterados (05:21)
03. Terje Paulsen & T.E. Davey - Elevatoramb2 (07:34)
04. Nanako - 130.607 (05:20)
05. Variable Geometry - quarantine island(05:09)
06. Scmute - aLea (8:17)
07. Heibeg - X-090609 (03:51)
08. Djet - xpr (01:17)
09. Klangstrand - Ventriloqui (04:40)
10. Nicolas Wiese - choke chamber miniatura (02:53)
11. Sebastian Lakatos - utposM (03:40)
12. Sascha - Banderole (07:18)
13. Rafael Flores - 30+30 (02:21)
14. Xyramat - (E) Motion (02:01)
15. Isaac de la Concha - Caminos y túneles (04:36)
16. Arturas Burnsteinas - Death Dealing Song (03:13)
17. Vegetal is - Nada & Nadie (05:36)

03 julio, 2007

Colaboraciones (incompleta)

He aquí una lista de colaboradores con los que he trabajado que iré completando en la medida que avance en la catalogación de mi archivo que supondrá, alguna vez espero, la actualización de mi web:

Zan Hoffman (usa)
Esplendor Geométrico (spain)
Diseño Corbusier (spain)
Neo Zelanda – Ani Zinc (spain)
La Otra Cara de Un Jardín – Francisco Felipe (spain)
Avant Dernieres Pensees – Antón Ignorant (spain)
Victor Nubla (spain)
Francisco López (spain)
The Haters – GX Júpitter-Larsen (usa)
Vittore Baroni (italy)
The Joke Project – Seiei Jack Nakahara (japan)
Bogart (germany)
Al Margolis - If/Bwana (usa)
Yutaka Tanaka - S·Core (japan)
Keith Bates (uk)
Hal McGee (usa)
Violet – Jeff Surak (usa)
Mystified – Thomas Park (usa)
Mattin (spain)
Lezrod – David Velez (colombia)
Devotchka.s Conundrum (uk)
Michael Thomas Jackson (usa)
Minuit Delacroix (mexico)
Enstruction (usa)
Zombi Olympiades (france)
Swamps Up Nostrils (norway)
Dave Fuglewicz (usa)
Buzzsaw & The Shavings (usa)
Omnitechnomatrix (usa)
Mental Anguish (usa)
Dj Get You Fat On (usa)
Dean Barrett (australia)
Esu Kurasun (usa)
Mango 69 (usa)
Slik-d (usa)

Kim Cascone (usa)
Non Toxique Lost (germany)
Ubeboet (spain)
Son of Bronson (spain)
Emil Beaulieau (usa)

Sellos (incompleta)

Al igual que en el caso de los colaboradores he aquí una lista, seguramente incompleta, de los sellos que han editado diverso material de Rafael Flores y/o Comando Bruno. Se incluyen trabajos en solitario, colaboraciones y splits excluyéndose, por ahora, las compilaciones:

Laboratorios NO (spain)
El Consumo del Miedo (spain)
RRRecords (usa)
Volumen (spain)
Esplendor Geométrico Discos (spain)
STI (spain)
Sound of Pig (usa)
Affict Records (japan)
IEP (spain)
Korm Plastics (holland)
Graf Haufen (germany)
Webbed Hand Records (usa)
Dreamland Recordings (australia)
Bog-Art (germany)
Seven Sermones ad Mortuos (italy)
Zeromoon (usa)
Monochrome Vision (russia)
Standard Klik Music (france)
Defenestrated Records (usa)
BT Tapes (usa)
Tonspur (germany)
Smell the Stench (australia)
The Joke Project (japan)
BC Blade Recordings (usa)
Noise-Joy (usa)
Ruccas (usa)
Desetxea (spain)
Turgid Animal (uk)
Tapegerm (usa)
Fusión DE Producciones (spain)
ADN (spain)
Zeal SS (uk)
Gran Mal Edicions (spain)
Man´s Hate (uk)
Radio Network (belgium)
ZH27 (usa)
1984 cintas (spain)
Bizarre Audio Arts (ecuador)
Zero Cabal (australia)

02 julio, 2007

RF + MTJ updated

El trabajo en colaboración con Michael Thomas Jackson ya está listo para su edición que quedará como sigue:

Collaboration 2007

“El sonore de la película defeto” 2 x 3”cdr

cd1: RF + MTJ
1. Alergiometricc 4:23
2. Metricc 7:18
3. Frozen Bambi 4:17
4. Sacamantecas 6:29

cd2: MTJ + RF
1. The Lexicon of Oppresion (May Day in L.A.) 1:33
2. Cinco de Mayo A 1:19
3. Strands In Soil 4:08
4. Strings On Clouds 3:06
5. Particulars in Flames 2:32
6. Waves on Ice 3:58
7. Cinco de Mayo B 3:13

01 julio, 2007

50 BPM or less ! vol 1

The first in a series compilation featuring noise that is of a slower than usual tempo released by Canned Beef Records.

1 Borg Sooty Morchestron (Big City Orchestra) - Das Execution (4:14)
2 Blood Vessel - Trains (8:31)
3 C-drík - Soliloque (3:15)
4 Rafael Flores - Diantes (1:52)
5 Xedh & Raun - Documento Clinico (6:44)
6 TB - Miles Away (3:28)
7 Steven Mcleod - Rake (5:05)
8 The Hematurge -Such Weary Creatures (4:02)
9 Michael Beijer - 59 Sec. Puppet Information Storm Console (3:12)
10 Ghoul Detail - Streams Of Gold (6:09)
11 Xdugef - Bearradaireachd (10:03)
12 Susan Matthews - Botanical Rite No 1 (4:00)

Pro duplicated CDr in Jewelcase

Artwork by RS Connett www.vomitus.com

Review by Mark Meloche

This is compilation Part One or Three showcasing experimental noise tracks that were made or recorded at 50 BPM or less. Can noise be classified as even having BPM? Well, yes, I think it can. When I received these disc's I thought all the tracks would turn out ambient, simply because the music would seem slow at such a low speed. And for the most part I was right. There are a lot of different styles of noise though. We have the legendary Big City Orchestra with their prevalent style of musical ambient. Great opening track. Track two, done by Blood Vessel, is a beautiful ambient piece as well. Chimes, drones and soft tones. Track Six, done by TB, then changes things up a bit with a silly tune and beat. Not what I expected but I like it as it changes the pace a bit on this comp. Some tracks, like track nine done by Michael Biejer, are so subtle and quiet that I feel like just closing my eyes or reading a good book. The loudest and longest track on this comp is done by Xdugef. Full experimental range with circuit bent items and a lot of sounds hit your ears, but nothing too harsh. The closing track is something to marvel at, done by Susan Matthews; it's a beautiful piano piece that soon has soft scratching sounds fading in the background. Ever listen to Eno's "Music For Airports"? It's right up there. An excellent closing track and one of my favorite I've heard in a while, from anyone. Over this first volume is a fair showcase of some great slow pieces. Yes they are not loud but this disc is "musical noise to read to" for sure.

Rafael Flores + GX Jupitter-Larsen 3"cdr

Mi colaboración con el legendario GX Juppiter-Larsen ya está disponible por partida doble. De una parte un 3" cdr, con una única pieza de 19 minutos, en edición privada no venal de 50 copias solo disponible como intercambio en mi dirección, y por otro lado GX ha realizado una remezcla de 5 minutos que puede ser descargada desde su web.

Coagula en Defenestrated Records USA

Ya está disponible otra de las ediciones retrasadas del 25 aniversario de Comando Bruno. Se trata de un cdr títulado "Coagula" y ha sido editado por Defenestrated Records en Virginia, Usa en una edición limitada a 50 copias.

Noise-Joy Compilation III

Un fragmento de South Side Alambrada, trabajo editado por Noise-Joy, ha sido incluído en la tercera net-compilación de este sello.