16 agosto, 2009

Toxic Archives # 15: Phallophories

VA - Phallophorie Volumes 1 & 2 (1986, France)

A1: Les Phallus 3 - Phallophories
A2: Non Toxique Lost - Einsicht a Suivre
A3: Línea Táctica - Sexo, Trabajo y Maquinas
A4: Merzbow - Peeping
A5: Unkommunity - Nihilist Assault Group
A6: Minamata - Stahlstich
A7: Le Syndicat - Dégénéréré
A8: Excision 88 - Phallus Plastique
B1: Pacific 231 - Eman Hetan
B2: Le Syndicat - Cancer de la Verge
B3: Coup De Grâce - Hard
B4: Vivenza - Perforation Mecanique
B5: H.G. Wells - I Own You
B6: Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Three Rock 'n' Phallus Are Walking Through The Village & Singing Obscene Versions Of The Phallus Anthems

A1: Les Phallus 3 - Hypergoradisme
A2: Die Form - Castration
A3: Vox Populi - Neume
A4: DDV - 6 Phallus/Korgasm
A5: Le Syndicat - Penis Transmission
A6: Stenka Bazin - Onanisme Mutile
A7: Die Todschick Wut - Phallus
A8: H.G. Wells - Necrotechnics
B1: Smersh - Beg For Cock
B2: Vox Populi - Mysticisme III
B3: Comando Bruno - El Pez y la Colilla
B4: Extraños Dias Felices - Piss!!!

B5: H.G. Wells - What's Wrong
B6: Merz - Pecado de la Carne
B7: P16.D4 - Mal Vu 2
B8: Club Moral - Pinta (live)
B9: Abnorme Wahrnehmungsstrukturen Eb.C - Tosanec

Read at dualtrack.blogspot.com:
Yet another set of old school industrial cassette compilations, this time published by Patrice Fort's label Reseau Phallus 3. When Patrice did a satanic project, he used the label name Reseau 666, so he changed the name of his label to suit the project. The term reseau means 'network'. Note that the title of the track by Das Synthetische Mischgewebe is truncated in the ID3 information; the complete title is given in the tracklisting above. The photo used above is for display purposes only and wasn't employed in the original packaging.

I asked one of the artists who is featured on these if he had the artwork so I could scan it & include it; he said he'd never heard of the projects and seemed surprised to find his recordings included. Discogs doesn't seem to be aware of either of these releases, nor the label itself, or even Patrice Fort. It's like these cassettes fell into a black hole and somehow I was on vacation listening to them on my Walkman when it happened. Anyhow, hope you like them!

Nota: Naturalmente yo si dispongo de la portada original, un booklet con contribuciones gráficas de los participantes, al menos del volumen 2 donde están mis dos contribuciones, una como Comando Bruno y otra como Extraños Días Felices. Si alguna vez me da por escanerla la pondré aquí. Por cierto la señora que aparece en la falsa portada es la gran escultora francesa Louise Bourgeois.

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Anónimo dijo...

Yes ,les 3 phallus,label le réseau phallus 3,patrice fort,radio émission raaah! on radio bellevue in 80's at Lyon France,it's very fabulous.

Anónimo dijo...

Les phallus 3 : phallophories & hypergoradisme it's patrice Fort in this different artist name variations : les 3 phallus, l'étroit phallus .

Anónimo dijo...

For les 3 phallus discographie : www.discogs.com,search, Les 3 phallus.