05 marzo, 2009

HzCollective Presents: HzFM Radio March 05, 2008

HzFM Project Runway

1.Wolf Eyes "Rationed Rot" 'Human Animal' Sub Pop
2.Oscillating Innards "The Draft (Anticipation)" 'VIII' Brise-Cul
3.Sten Ove Toft/Maskinanlegg "We're Having Apartheid Tonight"
4.Triple Thrash Threat from Hymns (label)
5.Gaybomb untitled track 8 from split with Dead Vagina
6.excerpt from Andrew Chadwick's 'Magnetic Personality'
7.Ironing "Acquisition of Memory" from 'Pocket Almanac'
8.Mariko Sugawara "pncn1-6:41" from Pollon Collon
9.Comando Bruno "Coagula Urgent!" from 'Coagula' Defenstrated Records
10.Winters in Osaka "In the Shadow of the Horns/Exiled Heathen" 'Ruins'


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