14 febrero, 2008

“El sonore de la película defeto” 2 x 3”cdr

El sello griego Phase! anuncia ya en su web la pronta edición de mi disco con Michael Thomas Jackson.

Same old bullshut! Regular site is back! Loaded w/ lots of releases on the catalog page, including two new ones: A Placenta Popeye CDR reissue from a very limited tape they did some time ago and a split CS between David Payne + Panagiotis Spoulos.

Seems to be a really busy season this one w/ a bunch of amazing stuff coming over sooner than ever: Rafael Flores / Michael Thomas Jackson 2x3'' CDR, Big Blood's "The Grove" CS, COW / Human Adult Band Split C16, Antler Piss' "Body Jar" C20, Placenta Popeye / Reverse Mouth Split 7'' + Gang Wizard's "The Stolen Groceries" 3''CDR!

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